30.06.2012 - Power of Focus

Hi Anil

Greetings from Zimbabwe.

I would like to THANK YOU for your methods of delivery .. truthfully I have probably sat in life changing presentations but ....you reached to a part of me and I really grateful for that.

I will be getting in touch with you on my personal progress in using POF and COE.

Trish Chakawa,
Manager, Standard Chartered Scope International

24.06.2012 - Personal Effectiveness Program

Hi Siva,

It was two fruitful days that we all had together with you. I take immense pleasure and gratitude to thank you for giving us the ideas to think and act different both in our corporate and social world. When people come out after seeing a blockbuster movie they tell in their review that it was awesome, Unbelievable, Stunning, mind-blowing, two and half hours of complete entertainment. In the same manner if someone comes to me and asks about the training session that we had from you. My review would be "Can we go again for the same training session" Because, it doesn't mean that I didn't get myself tuned. I compare our minds with strings of guitar that is how good we tune that good it works. Thank you for your support to enlighten my thoughts to the next level.

I hereby attached the photos that we took in the hotel.

A Sidharth,

21.06.2012 – Work Life Balance

Hi Anil,

On behalf of Madras Ladies Circle -2 (LC-2) & Madras West Round Table-10 (MWRT-10). Thank you very much for accepting our invitation. It was our pleasure to have you & be part of our small family last evening.

It was the best HRD session we have ever had. Thank you for designing the session in such a practical, easy & interactive manner that each one of us were able to connect (both men & better halves).

It made us realise where we are today and what we can do by just taking that 1 small step we can take to make life better. Example - morning walks, adequate sleep, spending time with family/ kids, reading and much more.

The session definitely left a very positive mark on all of us. Also, I must thank my table's support, the partcipation yesterday was beyond expectation. The best part was the involvement of the ladies. Thank you once again.

Dushyant Mehra,
HRD Convenor

June 2012 - Assertiveness

Hi Siva,

It was a nice training which I personally liked. Content and the practical situations made the training more interactive.

Will try to implement the DESC and HARD skills in my day to day activities and improve my assertive skills J.

Thanks and Regards,


11.06.2012 – Culture of Execution

Hi Anil,

I would like to say a big thank you for the successful workshop that you conducted in Nairobi. I was highly motivated by your encouraging words and the way you conducted the workshop. I’m highly energized and ready to take up the challenge.

Eston Chilombo,
Client Services Manager, Tech & Ops, Nairobi, Standard Chartered Scope International

25.04.2012 – Personal Effectiveness Program

Hey Bhanu,

We thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day event, thanks to your spirited persona.

Thank you very much for giving us a lot of valuable guidelines & for sharing the presentation,we are slowly but surely taking steps towards developing an effective personality(Kai-Zen).



09.04.2012 – Unleash Your Potential

Dear Anil,

This mail is to appreciate the great session of Unleash your potential and the motivational talk you shared with us on Sunday 8th April. While thanking you i put on record my immense appreciation on behalf of all my fellow tablers and circlers of MADRAS METRO ROUND TABLE 95 and MADRAS METRO LADIES CIRCLE 70 .

Your style of making complex thought process into simple everyday examples and your straight approach to large situations has left a lasting impression amongst us . Definitely am sure i speak for every one in the audience that it was truly motivating and will go a long way in enabling us to Unleashing our potential.

Thanking you once again for the same .


Punit Sampat,

07.02.2012 – Train the Trainer-Presentation Skills

Dear Anil,

Thanks for the wonderful program you have delivered for our engineers. The contents were well received by the engineers.

We appreciate your efforts in helping us post training. We will share your feedback, videos & weekly topics to the engineers for their continual improvement.

Best Regards,

Manager – Training, GE Energy Power Conversion

02.02.2012 – Interpersonal Skills

Dear Mahesh,

Thank you for running your training with SAP Labs.

Attached please find the evaluation from the participants of the training mentioned above.

Best Regards,

KPS Learning Management Services Team,

30.01.2012 – Good to Great

Dear Anil,

I thank you and your team for designing and delivering the excellent program for the leadership team. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am sure that it will be a memorable program to each one of us.

Let us meet soon and discuss in detail on the training plan for our associates for the coming financial year.



January 2012 – Unleash Your Potential

Dear Bhanu,

The quality of training was excellent! The knowledge provided was some of the best we have received in a long time.

It is a pleasure and privilege to be taught by a rare individual like Anil Chawla. Excellent practitioner and instructor.


Manager – HR, FSS

24.01.2012 – Personal Effectiveness Program

Dear Anil,

Time and again we have receiving several thank you notes for your training programmes. The below mail is one such example.

We would like to thank you for your wonderful support.

K. Sangeetha,
L&TD SSC, HR Shared Services Centre

24.01.2012 – Personal Effectiveness Program

Dear Team,

We had good training today, we thankful to scope, training team and special thanks to Anil Chawla (trainer)

  • • The way the trainer presented is awesome,
  • • The material, slides and videos amazing,
  • • We learn lot from the personal effectiveness training,
  • • We never attended such kind of training,

  • We are highly satisfied with Anil Chawla’s personal effectiveness training.

    Standard Chartered Scope International

    14.11.2012 – Synergy

    Dear Anil and Bhanu,

    A very big Thank You from us.

    The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas and thoughts. Learning from experience and a well-balanced composition of participants definitely contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. We now have the ability to develop our strengths and build on our weakness'.

    Facilitation was outstanding and delivered with absolute precision, Very much liked the approach. Thanks once again.


    Indra Mani,
    Associate Manager – Chennai Technology ITSC / TOC / SSG / Technology Service Management / GTO

    11.12.2011 – Personal Effectiveness Program

    Dear Bhanu,

    I think you remember me. I've been searching for this type of intellectual skill development program for quite a long days. Now, I've got it much more than I need.

    I should mention about your way of guiding us through the fact. Your simple English, expressions, examples, body language and most importantly your humor sense, I didn't expected it. Because, before coming to the program I thought that it would be again like the same type of program, we normally had. But, you really surprised me and gave me an "unbelievable" experience.

    So, I whole heatedly " THANK YOU " , for showing me what I need & What should I do for achieving my goal...

    You said that " DON'T THINK IT, INK IT ". So, inspite of thinking about thanking you, I've inked it.

    Thanks & Regards,

    B.Kesava Kumar,
    Edelweiss - Tiruppur.

    28.09.2011 – Personal Effectiveness Program

    Hi Siva,

    It was an awesome pep up program. I really liked how you incorporated activities in each sesion which was fun and and at the same time conveyed a message.My most favorite part was the Interpersonal Style Analysis and I found that extremely interesting and useful. I have been explaining it to my parents ever since I got home!

    On the whole, it was an amazing 3 day training and you did a great job! Thanks!


    Lydia Jeyaseelan,
    Global Quality Support Analyst, Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd, Automatic Controls

    28.09.2011 – Personal Effectiveness Program

    Hi Anil,

    We as a team enjoyed thoroughly every single moment of the day, and felt the Saturday from personal life was worth every moment.

    On behalf of my entire team, I want to thank you very much for what you brought forth for us.

    We have started to understand each other better, know hidden talents and treasures in our group. I am sure this will help us see each other in a different perspective, and move ahead towards a better future.

    And I am very happy that each of the objectives that I listed below were amply covered and felt by us.

    Thanks for giving us a great day, from all of us in my group. It was great pleasure being with you.

    With Best Regards,

    K. BharathKumar,

    13.09.2011 – Personal Effectiveness Program

    Dear Anil and Siva,

    Like I have mentioned in the first session, Its been a long time I was part of a soft skills program and was looking forward to brush-up things we already know. I should admit that I was wrong and as a matter-of-fact I have learned lot of new stuff.

    Couple of more takeaways from my perspective are the book names, stories and the videos shared during the sessions. I'm already done with Siddartha (mentioned by Karthik) and Break all the Rules (mentioned by Siva).

    Overall It was very useful and informative. Thank you both for taking the time and effort to redesign the content to suit us (iSOFT). Looking forward to meet up with you guys in future.

    Kathik, Thanks for organizing this leadership training, it was definitely better than what was expected.

    Vinitha, A special thanks for coordinating the session with the participants. Please send me the summary of all the sessions, which Siva was sharing with us during the last session. Any videos would be an added benefit.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Binesh Nambiar,

    12.09.2011 – Leadership


    Thanks you very much for providing us such a very good training,
    To be frank after registering this session I thought to skip as I am undergoing CIMA classes,
    Then I thought let’s try this as company is spending on us for our development,
    Hence I have attended 2 days session without any bore or headache.

    Mr. Anil and Shiva are really good on topics and concepts and executing it. I am really lucky to attend such class.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sudhindra Kumar.N.K,
    Executive – ES, Sify

    08.09.2011 – Cross Culture

    Dear Siva,


    I would like to place on record that the said training on Cross Culture imparted to the team of GM's & DGM's was very well accepted and appreciated by the participants. The Teaching and Learning methods applied has been rated at 7.6 in a scale of 10.

    We would definitely get associated with you for more such program's in future.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Arokia Anthony,
    Section Manager - HR Training, Ascendas IT Park, Mahindra World City SEZ

    05.08.2011 – Personal Effectiveness Program

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful work shop.

    It was really a eye opener for me. I have already started on “Power Hour” from the day one.

    I want to focus more on the “assertiveness”, Please suggest specific books on this, it would really be a great help for me.

    Thanks & Regards,


    28.07.2011 – Team Building

    Hi Siva,

    I must share with you that we thoroughly enjoyed being part of the workshop and am very sure that this will be pretty useful for the team in taking the next step in the right direction. The workshop contents, design and presentation have been very nicely tailored according to the requirements we discussed. Pl accepts my special thanks to you for doing such a great job.

    With best regards,

    Bhu(B Gurushankar)
    World Bank

    08.07.2011 – Personal Effectiveness Program

    Hi Anil,

    This is Jagan (Jagadeesan S) from Scope International, attended PEP program at Hotel Raintree on (4 & 5 July 11).

    You have done a wonderful job, At the beginning, I taught when days goes on,I will forget what i have learnt and but it has not happened. I saw many changes within this week. Really worked out.Even my managers and my friend feels the changes in myself. Out of many mantras,learned from you. I try to follow few mantras throughout my life.

  • 1. Think big, start small.
  • 2. Great mind discuss ideas, average mind discuss events and small mind discuss people.
  • 3. Behaviour breads behaviour.

  • Many thanks for your wonderful training.

    Regards, Jagadeesan S,
    Standard Chartered Scope International

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