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Welcome to Peoplecraft the high-energy, high-impact, onsite training provider. The mission of Peoplecraft is to provide affordable, relevant and customized training programs using the experiential learning methodology. We are trusted partners with various organizations ranging from small to medium to Fortune 500 companies.

All our programs are broadly categorized under the following Self, Relationship, Team and Organization, The duration of each program varies from one hour and can go up to 2 days depending on the need and focus of the client. What makes Peoplecraft different from other organizations is our mandatory pre-training preparation, which includes pre training questionnaires and interviews with the participants and their supervisors. Such a process assists us in understanding the current ground reality in organization, thus enabling and ensuring that our Clients benefit with the right solutions.

Classes are hands-on, practical, and fun. Our delivery methodology is termed Experiential Learning. According to studies and research, experiential learning has high retention rate as compared to conventional lecture based delivery approach. Adopting and implementing this methodology has enabled us to maximize the training impact and make the training workshop more effective and beneficial to the Clients.

We at Peoplecraft innovate, create and implement new ideas. The value-add that our Clients experience is due to the ongoing improvisation that we have adopted as an approach. What makes us more effective is the constant commitment of professionals who are constantly driven with the determination of improving performance and quality deliverance. 'Customer delight' is our focus and we take every step to maintain and strengthen confidence and trust of our Clients. This 'Customer-centric' approach to business has helped us retain and nurture our Business Relationships.

Our Team

Anil Chawla
Anil Chawla is the Director of Peoplecraft, a training company based in Chennai, India. .. [FULL PROFILE ]

G Siva Bhanu Visahan
Siva, a behavioral specialist, consultant and trainer has extensive experience in various aspects of training and development. [FULL PROFILE ]

Mahesh Bhagwandas
Training is at its best when delivered with passion and is well articulated – both of which Mahesh is versatile at. Mahesh’s comes with 24 years of training experience... [FULL PROFILE ]

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